IICAOnics- The IICA Newsletter

IICAOnics- The IICA Newsletter 24 Mar 2020

Dear Members of the IICA Family,

In the second issue of IICA-onics, we have incorporated a number of feedbacks we received from our readers and I hope that all of you will find this useful.

An important area I would like to enlarge upon is engaging in cleanliness. We are in the culinary business which is directly related to hygiene, nutrition, and natural health. It is, therefore, important to maintain swachhta in our kitchens.

At IICA, other than teaching the Culinary Arts to our students, we are very particular about imparting certain kitchen disciplines which to us are as important as the preparation of the dish itself.

While some of it concerns elements of teamwork, working to the line of command, and total focus in the process, one very important factor is the issue of cleanliness.

We believe that just as a soldier performs best in a uniform, so do chefs. A badly kept kitchen can never develop healthy, tasty dishes, no matter how expensive the ingredients are, how experienced the chef is.

You don’t have to watch programs by Ramsay to know what a clean kitchen is all about. You can come to visit us.

Indians believe that Lakshmi prefers to stay at home only where the kitchen is clean. For us, it is an in-built process.

Happy reading!

Chef Virender Singh Datta

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