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Whirlpool IICA gets appointed as Chef & Food consultants for Whirlpool India

It is a matter of great pride that International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi has been appointed as Chef & Food consultants. Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, it has 69,000 employees and 59 manufacturing and technology research centres around the world. The company has a very high profile list of brands that it markets including:1) Whirlpool2) Maytag3) KitchenAid4) Jenn-Air and many more... International Institute of Culinary Arts,New Delhi has been appointed as Chef  & Food consultants for there office in India. Under this agreement, IICA shall be advising the company on various aspects of food and recipe development and assisting in enhancing consumer experience. 

World Association of Chefs Society

IICA is extreemely proud to receive the status of becoming the 1st culinary institute to become an accredited institute of the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS).
This close association only re-confirms the quality standards and level of commitment instilled in every IICA Faculty & Student who completes his/her course at the institute.

The World Association of Chef Societies is a global network of Chefs association first founded in October 1928 in Paris. Today this global body has over 93 official chefs associations as members (including the Indian Culinary Forum of India) that represent 10 Million Professional Chefs World Wide. 

IICA Students can earn credits towards reaching WACS certification for further progression route options. 

For full details about WACS please visit the following link:

1)   http://www.worldchefs.org/en/international-institute-culinary-arts-new-d...

2)   http://www.worldchefs.org/en

University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham (UCB) is one of the finest college in the world, together; UCB are also known to offer the best Degree courses in Culinary & Hospitality education.

IICA has a unique partnership with University College Birmingham, offering various progression route options to students who wish to get a Degree in Culinary arts; to know more about the degree courses at IICA & UCB click here  

City & Guilds - United KingdomVocational qualifications from the United Kingdom

City & Guilds is one of the world’s largest qualification body developing and delivering hundreds of courses linked to vocational qualifications. Recognized in over 130 countries. 

IICA offers two programs under the City & Guilds qualification, to know more see our "courses offered" page

Edexcel - United KingdomUK's largest qualification body

Edexcel is UK’s largest body for developing and delivering university linked courses which allow students to pursue Degrees in Hospitality Management programs. 
By choosing an Edexcel program, students benefit from having the option of progressing to leading universities in the UK and rest of the world.  

Indian Culinary ForumIndia's whole and sole representative of chefs from across the country

IICA is a proud member of the Indian Culinary Forum. ICF is India’s largest forum of chefs where professional chefs are linked and organize various events, build industry contacts and showcase latest techniques and developments in the hospitality industry.
IICA has been an accredited institute of the Indian Culinary Forum since 2005

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