Our Facilities

IICA boasts of state-of-the-art facilities which include a Main Kitchen, a Culinary Theatre for both Demonstration and Theory classes, a Bakery Kitchen and the Whirlpool Experience Centre, a Studio Kitchen, for Hobby Courses, fully equipped by Whirlpool with all their products for a Home Kitchen. In addition, there are Class Rooms for regular lectures.

IICA, New Delhi is completely environment friendly with minimal usage of paper as there is a totally digital in our approach and our Library, well equipped with the best available material on Culinary Arts/Baking has a set of computers for students to work on.

The Main Kitchen

For years students and chef faculty have sought for a kitchen that brings the industry and training closer; the answer is within this kitchen. Full time students studying at IICA would spend most of the training in this kitchen understanding the intricacies of food production, plating and most of all learn how a professional kitchen operates.

Professional Chef Courses In Delhi
Pastry And Bakery Course

The Studio Kitchen

This kitchen holds a great amount of value for all those aspiring chefs who have completed their hobby chef programs at the institute. This kitchen has been designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of all hobby chef students who train at the institute every month.

All of the modern built-in appliances available in this kitchen are sponsored by Whirlpool India, as a result of the institutes long standing association with the brand as chef consultants.

The kitchen very often used by Food Photographers, TV Shows and many others on rental basis to meet their demands of a state of the art studio kitchen.

Culinary Theater

The title of the kitchen gives it away, built on principles of the founder Chef Virender S Datta who believes that “Chefs must know ‘why’ as much as ‘how”. This kitchen offers the students the opportunity to demonstrate what is taught in theory.

The theater accommodates over 50 students at a time, which is used to provide theory classes and master chef classes by visiting chefs.

The Bakery & Confectionary Kitchen

One of the fastest growing segments in the F&B industry and at IICA, New Delhi. This kitchen trains over a hundred students each year.

Designed to match international standards and specifications, the bakery and patisserie kitchen is at par with any five-star hotel.

The classes are conducted with a student to teacher ratio of 1:10, ensuring every student is offered second to none level of training and attention.

The Kitchen Garden

Our Kitchen Garden is more than just a patch of green—it's a sustainable classroom. Students sow the seeds of knowledge by growing seasonal herbs, lattices, and veggies, which find their way from garden to plate in our culinary creations

The Skill Testing Kitchen

Designed and installed under the guidelines of the Ministry of Labor for Germany, the Skill Testing Kitchen is integral for anyone who seeks to get tested for applying for a VISA to work in Germany. IICA has been offering this service to conduct skill testing for since 2008 to Germany and several other clients of the IICA Placement Division.

The IICA Farms

Step into the heart of culinary creativity at IICA, New Delhi - introducing the IICA Farm! Our lush fields cultivate every imaginable produce, providing a hands-on experience for our students. From planting to harvesting, our farm is a living classroom, nurturing a farm-to-fork understanding of culinary delights. Our expansive fields are a canvas for cultivating a diverse array of produce, offering students a rich tapestry of hands-on learning. From heirloom tomatoes to fragrant herbs, every plant tells a story of sustainable cultivation

The IICA Library

Dive into the pages of culinary wisdom at IICA, New Delhi - where flavors meet knowledge in our state-of-the-art Culinary Library! Immerse yourself in a world of cookbooks, gastronomic literature, and digital resources that elevate your culinary journey. Our library isn't just a space; it's a treasure trove of inspiration, backed by a digital arsenal for modern learners. From timeless classics to the latest culinary trends, discover the power of knowledge in shaping your culinary prowess."

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