Rewards and Recognitions

Mr. Nakul Anand (Executive Director, ITC Hotels) writes to Mr. V S DattaLetter of Appreciation

Yet another extreemely proud moment for the entire IICA family, when Mr. Nakul Anand (Executive Director, ITC Hotels) extended his kind words for the institute achieving its' distinction of being India's only culinary institute to be accredited by the World Association of Chefs Socieities (WACS).


On behalf of Mr. Virender S Datta (Founder & Chairman, IICA) & and the entire faculty and students, we would like to thank Mr. Nakul Anand & ITC Hotels for a continued relationship with the International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi. 

IICA Awarded " The Best Institute for Culinary Arts in India" By TIME research & India News

New Delhi, April 10, 2013:  Hosted at the prestigious Hyatt Hotel New Delhi, where the colleges, institutions and many highly acclaimed universities present on the day were being recognized for exceptional commitment and hard work in the field of education by Time Research; a private media research company.


The event was also attended by chief guest Mr Ram Chandler Khanutia (MP Rajya Sabha) who presented awards to the winners of various categories.

Amongst the eminent institutions & winners of the evening, Dehradun Institute of Engineering won the Best Institute for Engineering, which was received by Dr. Kishen Kumar (Executive Director DIE Dehrudun); other institutions included: Arena Animation (New Delhi), Delhi Engineering College (New Delhi), and IIHM (Indian Institute of Hospitality & Management (Mumbai), JIMS (Rohini) and International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi (IICA)

IICA won the distinct award for “The Best Institute for Culinary Arts in India”; which was received by Mr. Virender S Datta (Chairman, IICA); the award recognized IICA’s constant commitment towards superior culinary education in India compared to the various institutes who competed as well.

In the past 8 years, since its inception, students of IICA have added recognitions and awards to its’ legacy of creating culinary excellence; however in the history of education, this award ceremony for the first time recognized culinary education excellence on a national platform.

The event was also covered by various press & media channels including India News Channel who covered the entire event.  

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