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Hobby Chef Bakery & Patisserie Program July, 2017

Date                  Day  Menu      Cakes & Pastries 19th  July Wednesday Mango Mousse cake, Red Velvet Cake 21th July Friday Florida Geatuex, Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Black forest pastry & Florida Pastry           Sweet & Savories  -Party Snacks 24th July Monday Apple Struddle, Paneer Patties, Peach Flan with Apricot glaze 26nd  July Wednesday Spinach & Mushroom Quiche, Coconut cherry Pie, Cheese Brownie Pie           Tea Time Speci

Hobby Chef Program - Bakery & Pastry @ Gurgaon Campus Weekday Batch August 2017

                                                   BAKERY & PASTRY – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM August (Weekday program) Date Day Menu     Advance Desserts     Cold Desserts 4th August Friday Plated Dessert- Duo of Chocolate Mousse & Berry Cheesecake in chocolate cups.    7th August Monday Chocolates- Tempering of chocolates, making of assorted varieties: Dark Chocolate & Macchiato, Passion Fruit & White Chocolate, Chilly Milk Chocolate.

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