DHMSS Overview

DATTAHMSS is a professional and highly experienced hotel management and consulting company servicing all areas of the hospitality industry. We assist you by offering a “one-stop” complete hotel consultant and management services for hotel, resorts and service apartments.

Our scope of work covers a diverse array of hospitality assets as well as building and design services, help establish, or rebuild, hotel profitability, solve hospitality management systems inefficiencies, re-engineer hotel staff and management policies and guest programs, establish effective marketing programs and manage your new developments from start to the first guest registration and beyond.

Given our experience with hotel and resort properties, DHMSS can provide the link between owners of properties, and the consumer as guest, to provide services at an affordable rate while ensuring a good and improving return to hotel stakeholders.

DHMSS led by Mr.Virender.S.Datta can establish or rebuild profitability in hotel and resort properties by exercising management control direction and measurement to restore achievable returns and to maximize value added assets by revenue and capital growth.

DHMSS can further enhance the profitability and momentum of hotel and resort properties by value-adding assets through marketing and advertising initiatives and further investment in maintenance and upgrading, all while maintaining cost and expense control.

"Our company will remain alert to global developments in hospitality services and be positioned to maximize opportunities as they arise."

Protect your investment. Let DHMSS’s award winning consultants:

  • Establish or rebuild profitability
  • Solve management systems inefficiencies
  • Re-engineer policies and guest programs
  • Establish effective marketing programs
  • And/or manage your new developments

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