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It goes without saying that IICA is truly committed in delivering the finest culinary education in India to all its students.
Therefore we pride ourselves in have 100% student satisfaction. Please read what our students had to say about us.

Khushbhoo LambaDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie - Batch 2017

I started my journey at a risk area. I am a History Hons. Graduate who got an opportunity to be a part of Tata Institute of Social Science and just to follow y dream; I left it behind and followed my dream. Then my first stair to reach to my dream was IICA. I am really humbled and glad that, I chose IICA as a platform to achieve my dream. I, Khusboo Lamba is proud to be a part of IICA, as this platform was given me the reach to climb the stairs for my dreams. It’s been a great experience of learning in this institute as, chefs here always held my hand to make all dreams come true. It is a great opportunity that this institute provides us with so much exposure with the industry and because of this during my training period I got an opportunity of giving a trial as successfully passing it and getting an offer letter from The Shangri-La Eros New Delhi as a Commis 3

Radhika AroraDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie - Batch 2017

I, Radhika Arora, born and brought up in Delhi. Come from a family of book seller. My desire to learn professionally brought me to IICA. Joining this Institute at the age of 39, I achieved my goal and became a professional chef. I pursued Diploma in Culinary Arts and did my internship at the Imperial, New Delhi. The placement cell at the Institute helped me get a job at ITC Maurya, New Delhi. There I am on the power leap program at Commis-I level IICA has helped me achieve my goals. Everybody tells me that it is my second Innings which IICA made me viagra online possible to achieve the impossible. Thank you.

Jivnayan KaurDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie - Batch 2017

I, Jivnayan kaur born & brought up in Amritsar. I have completed my graduation from DU and then I joined IICA to pursue my passion for food & culinary. My desire to become a professional chef took me to IICA where I did my Diploma in Culinary Arts and completed my training at Le Meridian, Gurgaon. The placement head, Mrs. Rupreet Datta has helped me a lot in getting placed at ITC Maurya  as Power Leap Program as Commi-I Level.

Surbhi Sukhija

I, Surbhi Sukhija, have successfully completed the diploma in bakery & Patisseries in Jan-2017. I am now employed with Theobroma Foods Pvt. Ltd. as Commis -II-Pastry.IICA has helped me realize my dream of making the world a sweeter place, literally. Having worked for more than 8 years as an HR professional, I had always nurtured a dream of becoming a professional pastry chef. IICA held my hand and guided me through the labyrinth of culinary arts. Upon completion of my course, IICA continued to hold my hand and guided me to my current organization.

Dr. Danish FaridiDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie (Batch of Jan 2013)

Hi I am Dr. Danish Ahsan Faridi and I am a Dentist, The day I saw IICA, I was amazed to see that there is a professional culinary institute which specializes in Bakery & Patisserie and offers international qualifications in India.

Upon joining the program, I was highly impressed with the motivation I received from the entire faculty including the Founder & Chairman, Mr. Virender S Datta & Rupreet Ma’am and I also felt a lot of personal attention from Mr. Arjun (C.O.O. of IICA) . During my course, the institute sent me to the Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi which was an excellent experience.

 Currently I run my own bakery named “Bollywood Masala” in Nainital.


I must thank IICA for giving me this platform & giving me a new beginning in the world of bakery & patisserie as a chef and now an entrepreneur!!

Chirag MalikDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie (Batch of Jan 2014)

I am chirag malik and i own a bakery in gwalior.I hv come so far to the International  institute Of Culinary Arts,New Delhi to become a  bakery chef and expand my business.I look forward to learn a lot from this institute and experience the world of Baking.

Varun MalaniDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie (Batch of Jan 2014)

Coming from a foodie family, food is my religion. And baking is one medium through which I can completely express myself.  IICA is an institute where a student is nurtured and bases are thoroughly revised. I have complete confidence that IICA will find the “next best thing” in me!! 

Hiba UroojDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie (Batch of Jan 2014)

I came to IICA with basic knowledge of baking because baking has been my hobby since I was a child, but IICA has taught me the initiate details of baking right from theory to practical model age.I feel IICA is the only institute which gives 100% hands on training and boosts up the confidence on a person.I was fortunate to train in the Imperial Hotel which is a rewarded hotel in the country and I thank IICA for helping me with this training.

The faculty at IICA  is really co operative and helpful.

IICA is the best institute in the country for someone who wants to make a career in this field. 

Jigme WangchukDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie (Batch of Jan 2014)

After finishing my Hotel management, I started my career as an F & B Associate with Pullman Hotel, I always wanted to work in the kitchen but due to lack of experience and knowledge, I found it hard to even apply as I was not confident about it. My decision to join IICA was one of the best career move. IICA with their hands on approach helped me a lot, 4 days of practical in a week with a good theory base has given me a confidence to work and excel as a pastry chef in any reputed organization.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers:  Chef Khalil, Mr Arjun S Datta, Ms. Rupreet, and other faculty mention who has helped me in my journey.It is with their guidance and support that I am proud of student of IICA.

Manoj KumarAdvance Diploma in Culinary Arts

When I was in 12th Class, After my 12th stadard I didn't know which course should I do but after complete my 12th my brother suggest me for this culinary course. He said IICA is a good culinary institute. So you can join there. So I did not waste my time and gone IICA and join Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts.

And finally I got a good institute. There staff or faculty was good. I got more opportunity in IICA like F1 Race.

 I worked there and enjoyed myself.


I want to give suggestion to upcoming students. ‘”IICA is the best culinary institute in India.”

Today, I am working with one of the best hotels in the country - Lalit Hotel, Goa where I am working in the kitchen as a chef, and not only are they paying me well but also I am learning a lot. 

Thank you IICA!!

Jasmine ChahalDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie

IICA has been the best learning experience for me amongst all the educational institutes I've been to. It may be because of the fact that bakery has been my hobby since I was a child but I do'nt think that there could be any institute in the country better than IICA to help me convert it into a career.

The faculty right from the chairperson Mr. Virender Singh Datta to the chefs are very easily approachable for any query. They take personal interest in shaping every student's career in the field of hospitality. 

We were not only provided emmense practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of bakery but also numerous opportunities to explore the functioning of the hospitality industry. We made a couple of industrial visits to some of the country's leading hotels and were also a part of their ODCs.

I  joined IICA with a vague idea as to what I want to do in life but this institution has given me clear direction. Each day here I felt I was a step closer to achieving my goals which do'nt seem any far now. So all in all if you intend on making a career in the hospitality sector then IICA is the place to be. 

Minal DedhiaDiploma in Bakery & Patisserie

Minal was a stock exchange executive for 6 years before she joined IICA; having watched the MasterChef TV series, she was inspired to become a chef.

 “I with my husband and my entire family’s motivation, I decided to quit my job and follow my dream. That is when I came across IICA in Hauz Khas Village which had a specially baking course for people like me. With the help of IICA; I learned various techniques and got an internship with The Imperial Hotel.”


Today; Minal is a proud owner of “Whisk”; which her own business venture in New Delhi and is extremely happy. 

Meet Karan RanaDiploma in Culinary Arts

Having worked for over a decade in the creative field and having reached the pinnacle of advertising by becoming a creative director, I felt that there was more to life and to creativity so I started exploring the field which I was passionate about, which was food. And it was then when I discovered IICA.

At IICA, I learnt what is required to turn my passion into career. Having learnt many techniques of cooking and interesting recipes, my knowledge has been thoroughly expanded.


I hope to take this knowledge and combine the Indian knowledge to the French one of cuisine and may be turn the culinary world to a new direction.

Ashima AroraDiploma in Culinary Arts & Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie

"Sugar(baking) spice(cooking) and everything nice" this was my rhyme as I grew up in a food loving family. Not wasting any time and with mi dad's encouragement I sought out into the culinary world right after my 12th exams! This passion brought me to delhi and soon after to IICA. With the guidance and even more encouraging words of our founder Mr V.S datta, I enrolled into the culinary program for one year and bakery and patisserie for the second year. With the help of the amazing faculty and hands on experience I was able to horn my knife as well as whisking skills. This life changing institute gave me enormous opportunities like training in world class hotels The Imperial hotel and The Taj Palace hotel. Also I was able to work at the international event-F1 for consecutively two seasons along with the celebrity chef Sabyasachi Gorai n his olive team. The cherry on the cake was when I won a certificate of merit in aahar culinary competition in my very first year. Everything said and done it would be right to say that my culinary experience and IICA has given a meaning to my life and helped nurturing my passion.“Learn how to cook–try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”- and hence these words of The French Chef Julia Child are enough to inspire#Happy cooking!


I was also awarded the “ Best Student of the Years 2011-12 & 2012 -13” THANK YOU IICA

VrushaliBatch of 2012

Hi I am Vrushali Wayakaskar and am computer graduate. I gave been working in the field of software technology. I have always been very passionate about food. I was looking for an institute of culinary Arts and I came across IICA. My professional life took a new turn after joining the institute. The chefs of IICA were incredible helpful and always a phone call away. For my training I was selected in ITC Maurya Delhi for which the entire team of IICA helped me prepare.

Currently I am working in Oberoi Trident BKC IICA really helped me realize my dreams for which I will be forever grateful.

Thank You!


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